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CEREC Ceramic Restoration

Beautiful ceramic restoration in a single visit. CEREC is a sophisticated system for the production of all-ceramic inlays,  onlays, partial crowns, veneers and crowns for anterior and posterior. Learn more

Children's Dental Care

Our Children's Oral Health Therapists are specifically focused on giving your child the best head start they need to maintain a healthy smile for life. Our Oral Health Therapists will provide you with the most current advice and product recommendations to suit your individual needs. Learn more

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Our experienced dentists choose to use modern ceramic dental crowns, as they are very strong and have the most natural appearance, compared to older style crowns such as gold or porcelain. We use the latest technology and materials to ensure you receive the best service in Adelaide. Learn more

Dental Implants

Gone are the days when losing a tooth meant you were left with a gappy smile! Thanks to modern dentistry, dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and are functionally strong and secure. Learn more 

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers cover any visible imperfections, enhancing the appearance of your teeth, so you can smile confidently! At Dentistry on Unley, our dentists will keep your teeth looking natural by selecting the correct shade to match other teeth and working closely with our dental health experts to achieve the best result. Learn more

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is an amazing digital technology that allows you to test drive your new smile before even commencing treatment. It's an excellent way for our Dentists to improve communication with you and to involve you in the treatment planning process. Learn more

Gum Treatment

At Dentistry on Unley, every patient is screened and serviced carefully for gum disease at every examination and hygiene appointment. If gum disease is detected we will perform a more detailed analysis of the gums to identify the stage of the disease. Learn more

Hygiene Care

To maintain oral and dental health we recommend regular hygiene appointments. These appointments are performed by an oral health therapist (OHT) or hygienist, practitioners who are qualified specifically in the prevention of dental disease. Learn more



If you want a straight smile but don’t want the traditional metal braces, Invisalign can help straighten your teeth with a series of almost invisible clear and removable plastic aligners. Learn more


Dentistry on Unley offers professionally made, custom fit mouthguards providing protection for your teeth while playing. Only one appointment is required with the finished mouthguard being ready within a week! Learn more


Tooth restorations are used to replace natural tooth structure when a small section of a tooth is lost or becomes unhealthy due to caries, tooth wear or breakages. Dentistry on Unley continues to provide a wide range of solutions to Adelaide residents. Learn more 




Root Canal Therapy

Our experienced dental health professionals use a number of diagnostic tests and advanced modern equipment to perform faster and more comfortable root canal procedures for our patient. Learn more


Sedation Dentistry

For anxious or nervous patients requiring routine dental treatment or maintenance, Dentistry on Unley offers Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas) sedation. Our caring and kind-natured dental health practitioners go out of their way to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during any dental service procedure. Learn More


SomnoMed is an oral appliance, much like a sports mouthguard, that is a clinically-tested medical device designed to treat patients with sleeping disorders such as OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea). Learn More


Teeth Whitening

Dentistry on Unley offer multiple teeth whitening services; Zoom in-office whitening and Poladay at-home whitening. Our professional whitening products whiten by breaking down the stain inside the enamel of your teeth, resulting in a greater and longer-lasting lightening effect.  Learn more


Please call us at +61 8 8272 9087 or by sending us your enquiry here to arrange a service appointment with one of our gentle, caring dentists, who will listen to your dental health concerns and get you on the right track towards dental health.

We also have urgent care appointments available every weekday for dental service emergencies.

Professional Adelaide Dentists

Offering solutions for dental health concerns such as:

  • Broken teeth or fillings
  • Toothache
  • Improving the appearance of your teeth
  • High decay rates
  • Sore or bleeding gums
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Permanent denture replacement
  • Problems with wisdom teeth
  • Teeth at risk of fracturing or chipping
  • Teeth feeling or looking dirty
  • Bad breath
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Tooth wear from clenching or grinding
  • Dry mouth
  • Dental fear or anxiety
  • Oral hygiene products and advice
  • Smoking cessation advice
  • Sourcing second opinions


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