What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design (also known as DSD) is an amazing digital technology that allows you to test drive your new smile before even commencing treatment. It is an excellent way for the Dentist to improve communication with you and to involve you in the treatment planning process making sure the end result is exactly what you have been wishing for!

THE WHOLE CONCEPT is based on the ability to analyse your facial and dental proportions, utilising a predetermined series of high-quality digital photographs and videos so that we can understand the relationship between your teeth, gums, lips, smile with your facial features in motion and with emotion. The DSD Concept is considered to be the most modern, patient-centered design approach available.

With the use of photos, videos, digital scans and mock-ups Dr. Vadi can use the Digital Smile Design concept to analyse your face, your cosmetic needs and provide a highly effective visual perception of your smile makeover. This state-of-the-art technology lets you see what your individual results may look like and ensures the end result leaves you with a beautiful, confident and healthy smile.


How do i get started with DSD?

Your first appointment is a consultation appointment where you will meet with Dr. Vadi for a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums and identify and discuss any existing cosmetic or functional problems/concerns that you may have.

We can then prepare your simulation by taking upper and lower digital impressions (scans), photos and videos of the whole face, including eyes, cheeks and lips to look at all areas of the face involved in smiling and speech. Using a computer, the simulation can then be prepared and a treatment plan is then provided offering different choices and options for treatment. The various treatment options allow you to explore and consider different treatment possibilities and actively participate in your treatment journey finding a solution that is right and individualised for you.


Now you can test drive your smile

If you have been considering cosmetic dentistry, the digital smile design offers you comprehensive, accurate and facially driven results that will give you the ideal cosmetic outcome. There is nothing worse than having the wrong shaped or coloured teeth for your face or personality.

Many people desire to own a naturally beautiful smile that harmonises with their physical characteristics and most importantly with their personalities. Dr. Vadi has had extensive training over 20 years and is aware of all the contributing factors that are necessary to provide exceptional results beyond conventional dentistry.

Implementation of the Digital Smile Design concept offers a number of great benefits and can be used to improve the appearance of worn, discoloured, crowded, gappy or gummy teeth. The DSD technology is just another tool we adopt to ensure that we achieve the optimal outcome for you - creating your natural, confident and beautiful smile!



If you want a straight smile but don’t want the traditional metal braces, Invisalign can help straighten your teeth with a series of almost invisible clear and removable plastic aligners. The results will amaze you and the near-invisible aligners will leave you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!