Urgent Appointments for Emergency Dental Care

Dentistry on Unley are able to provide urgent dental appointments when you need to see an emergency dentist in Adelaide. For emergency dental appointments, we will arrange a prompt booking with one of our emergency dentists to ensure you are seen to as quickly as possible. 

For an appointment with our Emergency Dentist in Adelaide, contact Dentistry on Unley to arrange an urgent booking with one of our qualified dentists. 

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Toothaches can be painful and if not seen to by a dentist in Adelaide, they can progress to severe damage which may require an emergency dentist appointment if the pain becomes worse. Toothaches are caused by bacteria penetrating the tooth through to the nerve as a result of dental decay. Initially, tooth decay will cause you no discomfort, however as the decay progresses, once the bacteria is able to reach the nerve within your tooth it causes a painful reaction. If the bacteria is left untreated, infection in the tooth may set in, causing pain, inflammation, pressure in the jaw and a constant throbbing feeling felt within the tooth. 

An untreated toothache causing you discomfort will require attention by one of our emergency dentists in Adelaide. They will be able to treat the cause of your toothache and ensure that any pain you are experiencing is relived. Treatment of a toothache by one of our emergency dentists in Adelaide will not only treat the cause of the toothache itself but also provide ongoing support until your mouth has healed after your emergency dental treatment.

Dental Trauma / Sporting Injury

Dental Trauma from an accident or sporting injury will often require emergency dental care. At Dentistry on Unley, we are able to arrange an emergency dentist in Adelaide to review any urgent dental injuries to manage any pain or trauma to the mouth as soon as possible. Dental injuries from can include chipped front teeth, missing teeth, gum trauma or forceful injury to the jaw. Our qualified emergency dentists in Adelaide will arrange an urgent dental appointment for your dental trauma to be reviewed and treated as soon as possible. Our dental service, including our emergency dentist is open on Saturday to provide emergency dental care as required.

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth may or may not be painful, depending on where the damage has occurred. Sometimes, a tooth can be broken during eating with hard objects including seeds or tough foods often being the culprit resulting in a damaged or broken tooth. When you experience a cracked or broken tooth in Adelaide, particularly if you are in pain, we suggest arranging an appointment with our emergency dentist in Adelaide. After assessment of your broken tooth, our emergency dentist will be able to suggest the recommended treatment with you and ensure that any pain you are experiencing is taken care of.