Sleep Dentistry for Low Stress Dental Care

For some, the thought of going to the dentist can raise feelings of anxiety and fear. This is quite a common occurrence for many people and at Dentistry on Unley, we understand that some patients require a much more gentle and guided approach to dental care in order to feel relaxed throughout the process. 

To ensure you receive the very best dental treatment in Adelaide along with a stress free experience, we specialise in a process known as sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry in Adelaide. 

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What is Sleep Dentistry?

For patients that are nervous or experience anxiety with the idea of dental treatments, Dentistry on Unley provides a service known as sleep dentistry in Adelaide. Our sleep dentistry service offers dental care whilst sedated involving the use of a relaxing treatment called Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas).

Using a mask that is secured over your nose and mouth, a gas will be released and inhaled whilst you are comfortably seated. The Nitrous Oxide will slowly begin to create a feeling of relaxation and remove any sense of anxiety which your dentist will carefully monitor. During your dental treatment, the gas will ensure you maintain a sense of calm until your dental work is complete.  Once your sleep dentistry procedure is finished and you can safely drive home without supervision.

Our empathetic and supportive dentists in Adelaide will ensure you are guided throughout your sleep dentistry appointment to feel safe and relaxed.  Any concerns or questions you have can be addressed with our dental staff to ensure you feel informed and supported during your dental appointment. 

We specialise in providing supportive and gentle dentistry in Adelaide those who have had traumatic past experiences or have had a dental phobia passed on to them. 

Many other dental specialists and medical professionals refer patients to us because they trust the patient will receive the best quality of care and feel they are in a safe environment.

If even the thought of going to the dentist makes you feel anxious, we'd love to help you. Contact us or call us direct at +61 8 8272 9087 to arrange a consult or examination today.