Smilefast is a fast, affordable and cosmetic orthodontic teeth straightening treatment for adults. The efficient solution uses the traditional orthodontic method with the latest 3D technology to realign teeth. The computer imaging identifies the best position to place the clear brackets and tooth coloured wires on your teeth to support a fast outcome. This means that Smilefast won’t affect your lifestyle; it is designed to be hardly noticeable so you can have a beautiful, confident smile... fast!


How it works?

At your initial consultation appointment with your Dentist, a scan or impression of your teeth is taken as well as a series of digital photography so we can begin treatment planning. Using the advanced software a 3D digital model of your teeth after treatment will appear on the computer giving you a realistic expectation of the final outcome. With the focus on improving your smile with cosmetic alignment the model of your teeth will show the Dentist the precise position to place each bracket. The brackets are then accurately transferred to your mouth using Smilefast’s custom transfer trays. With the brackets and wires placed, your teeth will begin moving into their desired positions obtaining rapid tooth movement.

As suggested by the name, the Smilefast treatment provides a beautiful straight smile within 6-12 months. This treatment is ideal for patients not wanting to wear big metal braces or having to wait two or three years to get the smile of their dreams.  


What to expect during and after treatment

The first few days after the wires and brackets are fitted; some patients may find that their teeth are more sensitive than normal. Until the teeth become used to the treatment slight discomfort is normal.

The brackets are to be worn fulltime, with a visit to the dentist every 4-6 weeks for a review.

To ensure the teeth stay firmly in place, a program of retention will be discussed with you. Every case is unique retainers may be thin metal wires which can be placed at the back of your teeth, they may take the form of clear removable retainers or sometimes both.

If you are interested in finding out if Smilefast is the solution for you, don’t delay contact us today to book an appointment. A straight smile may only be six months away!

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