At Dentistry on Unley we believe in a preventive approach to oral care. Prevention is easier and more economical than cure. The health of your teeth and gums can also impact on your general health and wellbeing.

To maintain oral and dental health we recommend regular hygiene appointments. These appointments are performed by an oral health therapist (OHT) or hygienist, practitioners who are qualified specifically in the prevention of dental disease.

During your hygiene appointment your OHT or hygienist will:

• Remove plaque and calculus (tartar) deposits from your teeth and gums (professional scale and clean)
• Polish your teeth to remove plaque and stains
• Assess your oral health and risk of dental disease
• Take intra-oral photos for your dental records
• Provide education about dental health
• Personalised advice about caring for your teeth and gums
• Use a plaque highlighting gel to assess areas of plaque accumulation
• Apply fluoride gel to your teeth to prevent decay
• Take radiographs (x-rays) when required

They can also discuss other oral and dental health concerns such as maintaining fresh breath and teeth whitening. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about hygiene appointments

Why do I need a hygiene service appointment?
Having regular hygiene appointments helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from dental health disease such as decay and gum disease. Having regular hygiene appointments will reduce your risk of having these diseases. Research is showing a growing number of links between oral health and systemic health and keeping your teeth and gums healthy can also play a role in fighting many other diseases.

Why do I need to see an oral and dental health therapist or hygienist?
Modern dental solutions have moved to a more team based approach, allowing specially trained practitioners to provide services that were traditionally performed by the dentist. These practitioners are extensively skilled and knowledgeable in the area of prevention of dental disease. They can give you a more thorough professional scale and clean and will give you tailored information on achieving and maintaining excellent oral and dental health. We believe this is providing a higher level of patient care and service.

How long is a dental hygienist appointment?
A Preventive Care service appointment is usually 50-60 minutes in length.

How often does it need to be done?
Most people require a hygiene appointment every six months to maintain optimal oral health, however your OHT or hygienist will assess how often you should attend based on your needs.  People with certain dental and health conditions may need to attend more frequently.

Will there be any discomfort?
Hygiene service appointments are normally pain and discomfort free. Please let us know if you normally have any dental sensitivity. 

Why do I need a fluoride treatment- isn't fluoride in the water?
Adelaide tap water does contain a small amount of fluoride, however the fluoride gel we use is more concentrated and more effective for preventing decay.  Although you may not have had any recent decay, root caries (decay on the necks of the teeth) has an increased prevalence with age. Fluoride is a major strategy for prevention of this type of decay in middle to older aged adults. The fluoride we use is safe and research shows that when applied six monthly it can reduce decay rates by 28%- an excellent and worthwhile preventive measure.

Adelaide Children's Dental Care

To maintain oral health and hygiene, it's important to educate at an early age. Fortunately, our OHT's are specifically focused on giving your child the best head start they need to maintain a healthy smile for life!


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