Dental Implants

Gone are the days when losing a tooth meant you were left with a gappy smile or meant you had to wear a plate with a false tooth. Thanks to the technology and science of modern dentistry, teeth can now be replaced with dental implants which look and feel like natural teeth and are functionally strong and secure.

Dental implants can replace one or more missing teeth. The process consists of three stages and is spread over a three to six month period. 

  1. The initial stage involves a titanium post being precisely placed into the jawbone and then allowed to heal and to integrate into the surrounding bone.  This stage is served by a gum specialist (periodontist) or an oral surgeon.
  2. After a few months wait for healing to occur, your dentist will take impressions of the implant fixture in the gum and the dental laboratory makes a ceramic crown.
  3. The ceramic crown is attached to the implant to fill the gap and replace the natural tooth. You then have one of the longest lasting and strongest replacements for natural teeth devised to date.

The resulting dental implant is permanently and securely attached, easy to clean and unlike a bridge or denture, does not cause any damage to the surrounding teeth.

Most patients report that the procedure is more comfortable and easier for them than they expected and afterwards they can treat the dental implant just like a natural tooth.

Dental implants have the highest long-term success rate of any tooth replacement option currently available are now a very common service procedure at Dentistry on Unley.

Dental Implants.jpg
Single dental implant
Implant retained denture.png
Implant retained denture

Throw your old dentures away…. For good!!

Dentures are becoming a thing of the past! For those people who are tired of wearing dentures, or whose dentures are ill-fitting, uncomfortable and unsightly, dental implants may be a suitable alternative.

A denture can be completely replaced with implanted teeth. A number of dental implants can be placed and a denture secured onto it, keeping them permanently in place.

Imagine being able to eat in front of others with confidence, knowing your denture is secure and won't come out. See us for advice on whether this is possible in your case.

Our experienced dentists have had further training in implant dentistry, to ensure you are in the safest hands throughout the process. We work with an excellent team of specialists who we trust enough to refer our own families to.

We custom select our dental technicians to provide the best result, for dental implants that look, feel and function naturally.

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