Teeth Straightening Aligners by Sure Smile

The At Home Teeth Straightening Method that WORKS

Gone are the days where the only option for teeth straightening in Adelaide involved the lengthy and painful process of metal braces. With advances in technology, clear aligners now provide a simple and effective "at home" teeth straightening solution.

We are proud to provide the very best teeth straightening in Adelaide using the latest clear aligners available from Sure Smile. The Sure Smile® teeth straightening aligners can subtly and effectively straighten your teeth within the same amount of time that standard braces would provide the same result.  SureSmile® aligners are virtually invisible people may not even notice that you are wearing them.  You can remove them to eat and drink, to brush and floss, or for special occasions.

SureSmile® uses patented software and digital photos of your teeth which your dentist will use to make your unique, custom plan. 

You will be able to see what your teeth will look like before you start your treatment and you will know exactly how long your  teeth straightening in Adelaide will take. 



How Do Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth?

Clear Aligner treatments including Invisalign and SureSmile® all work in the same way.  To straighten your teeth without braces, clear aligners are made to fit over your teeth.  The clear aligners are thin plastic trays that are virtually undetectable made from medical grade, BPA free thermoplastic. 

The SureSmile® clear aligners are digitally designed and customised by Dentistry On Unley to fit securely and comfortably whilst being virtually undetectable by others whilst you continue to straighten your teeth at home.

You will be given a series of clear aligners and be guided when to change them.  You will notice your teeth slowly moving to more favourable, straighter, positions. 

Suresmile® tooth straightening can take between 6 to 24 months depending on the complexity of the treatment. 

Sure Smile At Home Teeth Straightening

Our Simple Process for A Straighter Smile

Let our qualified Dentists guide you through the process of getting your own custom made teeth straightening aligners made with the Sure Smile system. Comparing the cost of braces in Adelaide to Sure Smile, our customers are pleased to see that Sure Smile is still an affordable option and much more discreet. 

dental scanner.jpg

Initial Consultation

After your initial consult, our Dentist will perform a digital scan to show the current layout of your teeth. This process is entirely digitised with no messy impressions required.

Customised Teeth Straightening Strategy 

Once your digital scan is complete, our Dentist will set out a teeth straightening strategy for you based on the results. We suggest you allow for 2-4 weeks from your initial appointment to receive your teeth straightening aligners.

Your Clear Aligner Treatment Begins

Once your teeth straightening aligners have been custom made, you will receive your new patient welcome kit, Sure Smile® Clear Aligners. Initially you will be required to wear your aligners full time for two weeks. Our Dentist will discuss how often to change your teeth straightening aligners and how long each day you must wear them. 

Follow Up Consultations

Whilst you are in the process of using your at home teeth straightening system, you will be required to have regular consults with our Dentist to check your progress. If you have any difficulties or discomfort during this time, we suggest making a further appointment with our Dentist to get this corrected. 

Maintain your Newly Straightened Smile

Once you have completed your Sure Smile teeth straightening in Adelaide, our Dentist will offer advice on how to maintain your newly straightened smile. You will need to continue to use your Sure Smile® retainer as directed for lasting results.