Beautiful Ceramic Restorations in a Single Visit

CEREC is a modern, high-tech alternative to traditional dental crowns. A 3D scan is taken of your tooth so that a supportive implant can be cut from a solid ceramic block. The precision of this system allows for an accurate fitting with the bonded tooth during surgery, allowing you to recover and move on after a short time.

CEREC restorations can be used to:

  • Replace old amalgam restorations that are breaking down
  • Cover heavily restored teeth to prevent further cracks, splits and fractures
  • Replace natural tooth structure that has been damaged or lost due to decay or tooth wear
  • Improve the appearance of heavily restored teeth

The benefits of all-ceramic restorations are:

  • Minimal loss of healthy tooth structure compared to other restorative methods
  • Only one visit is required
  • No impressions required
  • No temporary crowns or temporary fillings required
  • Metal-free and bio-compatible materials
  • Highly aesthetic- natural tooth colour and shine
  • Stronger than composite resin tooth coloured restorations
  • Long lasting

If you are interested in how CEREC ceramic restorations can benefit your smile, please arrange a consult with one of our highly skilled and caring dentists by contacting us here or call us direct at +61 8 8272 9087.

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