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Gentle & Positive Children's Dentistry Adelaide

A Supportive Approach to Pediatric Dentistry

From the moment your little one cuts their first tooth, every parent and caretaker becomes mindful of how to keep their child's teeth healthy as they grow. We believe a gentle and positive approach towards children's dentistry in Adelaide helps to form a good association with a visit to the dentist from a young age. Our dentists have substantial experience working with children in Adelaide and are mindful to take their time and allow your child to feel comfortable whilst visiting the dentist. We understand the importance of children feeling at ease and empowered to take steps towards healthy oral hygiene and are passionate about supporting them to build positive habits as they grow.  Our dentists who work with children in Adelaide are happy to answer any questions you or your child may have and our aim is to make the whole experience of going to the dentist as happy and effective as possible.

We are proud to have supportive and friendly oral health therapists at Dentistry on Unley who are specifically trained in children's dental care. Through ongoing study, our oral therapists have an in-depth knowledge of children's dental needs in Adelaide and are able to support you and your child through any dental treatment that may be required. Our focus is to maintain healthy, happy teeth with mindful oral hygiene from a young age right up to adulthood. Any dental or oral health issues throughout childhood can be carefully amended through gentle dental treatment by one of our children's dentists in Unley. 

For more information on our Child and Teen Dental Health program, please view the link below.

What to Expect at a Children's Dentist Appointment

Friendly Pediatric Dentists in Adelaide that Care

When your child is ready and comfortable, our dentist in Unley will have a look over your child's teeth and will support them through the dental exam which would usually include:

  • Complete a thorough examination of the teeth and gums
  • Take any radiographs (x-rays) if necessary
  • Have a look for areas where plaque may be forming to guide you and your child to focus on these areas
  • Positive coaching in toothbrushing and oral hygiene techniques kids and parents can work on together
  • Discuss any plaque or calculus buildup and gently remove this from the teeth (professional scale and clean)
  • Highlight early signs of decay or gum disease to help prevent any issues later on
  • Apply fluoride as required & discussed to prevent decay

Following the examination, our dentist in Adelaide can provide the following services if required:

  • Preventive fissure sealants to protect teeth from decay
  • Restorations (fillings)
  • Extraction (removal) of deciduous (baby) teeth
  • Pulpotomies (nerve treatment of deciduous teeth)
  • Stainless steel crowns (to protect the teeth after a pulpotomy)

Are you Eligible For Free Children's Dentistry?

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is provided by the Australian Government and provides eligible families up to $1,052 per child every two years for dental care. The CDBS is free to eligible families and entitles your child to treatment at a dentist in Adelaide to ensure their teeth and oral health remain at their very best. Eligible families will receive a letter in the mail automatically and this usually arrives in the middle of January. 

Some of the services you can claim with the CDBS  at a dentist in Adelaide include radiographs, preventative services, scale and cleans and other dental treatments. 

Dentistry on Unley chooses to Bulk Bill for all children's dental care services eligible under the CDBS, meaning there is no gap payment for most services including an examination, hygiene appointment, any necessary radiographs and restorations.

All patients using the Child Dental Benefits Schedule will be appointed with one of our Oral Health Therapists, specifically trained in treating this age group.

For more information on the CDBS, visit the Department of Human Services website.


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Children's Dental Days

Our Children's Days are fantastic for young children who haven't been to the dentist before or are shy or nervous about going to the dentist. This is a fun day where children can have their face painted, put on dress ups, get their teeth checked and go home with lots of rewards, a happy smile and a positive dental experience!

Our Children's Dental Day dates can be found on our Facebook page or by calling the practice on 08 8272 9087.

Photos from our previous Children's Dental Health Days are available on the Dentistry On Unley Facebook page.

If you would like to schedule an appointment on our next Children's day, please contact us on +61 8 8272 9087 or alternatively you may email us here.

Childrens Dentist Adelaide

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