At what age should i bring my child to the dentist?

We recommend that you bring your child with you to your dental appointments from a very young age, so they can get used to the environment, the sounds and routines. Usually around the age of three they will be ready for their first examination. We make it fun- we take them for a ride in the chair and show them how everything works and give them stickers and toothbrushes. They may even need to sit in your lap for the first time and that’s fine. Dental examinations are free of charge for children under the age of five.

Do you accept new patients?

Yes! We love to see new patients! In fact, we keep time available every day for new patients, so you can usually be seen within a few days after your initial contact. We look forward to the opportunity to impress you with our service and look after your oral health needs.

What does my first appointment involve?

When you arrive for your first appointment one of our front office coordinators will take you on a tour of our practice and make sure we have all of your relevant details. When you meet your dentist they will discuss any concerns you may have and address that first. They will perform a thorough dental examination and may also require digital radiographs (x-rays) and digital photos to complete your records. If you require any further treatment, we will present you with a treatment plan and fee estimate and your next appointments will be made. A complete intial examination usually takes 60 minutes.

Why is Dentistry on Unley not a preferred provider?

At Dentistry on Unley we like to provide high quality service for all of our patients and we believe we could not offer this under the restrictions of the preferred provider system.

We do not want to restrict the services we provide; we want to offer a range of the best treatment options and use the best treatment materials for our patients.

For example, Dentistry on Unley uses highly skilled local dental laboratories for crown and bridge work instead of sending our laboratory work overseas to Asian countries, where the price is cheaper but the quality may not be the same.

Why do I need to have my hygiene appointment before my other treatment?

At Dentistry on Unley we have a focus on soft tissues (gums). There's no point having healthy teeth on poor foundations! It is very important to have healthy gums before starting any dental treatment. If the gums are inflamed it can compromise the quality of the restoration. The materials we use are moisture sensitive and if the gums are bleeding, the material may not set properly. Apart from that, we want to minimise any infection in your mouth and keep it as healthy as possible.